OUT for Sustainability is reimagining our environment as we mobilize the LGBTQ+ community, in pursuit of a fabulous planet.

Our identity is rooted in building safe and secure spaces to be whole in who we are. We do this through the relationships built in our Regions program.

Our society is built on just and equitable behaviors that drive our values. We do this through content and connection in our Fab Planet program.

Our environment is sustained through collective effort and mutual respect. We do this through our Greener Pride program.

OUT for Sustainability facilitates activity in communities around North America. We do this through building critical mass at a regional level in order to bring people together to build connections. Each region organizes events such as Earth Gay service projects, Fab Planet Salons, Greener Pride contingents, and other locally initiated programs.

Cascadia is inclusive of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Idaho

Pacific Coast is inclusive of California and the Baja Peninsula

Great Lakes is inclusive of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and the western part of New York.

North Atlantic is inclusive of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland

Central Atlantic is inclusive of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

The Gulf is inclusive of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida

If you don’t see a region in your area, let’s discuss launching activity there and build toward it. Each region has two community cultivators, and you could be one of them! Contact info@out4s.org to learn more, or use our volunteer page to sign up today.

Fab Planet builds actionable content both face to face at our annual Fab Planet Summit, and through other publishing and multimedia content. This lives through our various digital channels including:

Fab Planet Summit is our national conference to intersect and discuss the unique role of the LGBTQ+ community in social and environmental sustainability. It is a space for thinkers and doers to gather, discuss, and strategize how to build a more just and equitable environment in pursuit of our vision of a Fabulous Planet for all.


Nature is so Gay is our content series highlighting the incredible biodiversity in the natural world, specifically looking at non-heteronormative species. The intent is to show how humanity is part of nature and therefore we reflect that same diversity and have a responsibility to conserve our own actions. 


Greener Pride engages our LGBTQ+ community to advance more sustainable practices in our events, businesses, and other community building centers. And it is to showcase the need to be adaptive and resilient in climate and natural disasters.

#Qready is our climate and natural disaster preparedness guide specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. We are promoting readiness for periods of challenge and chaos to be safe as individuals, and to help LGBTQ+ community centers be more disaster ready, and straight-focused community centers be more culturally competent to meet our community’s unique needs.


Plastic Free Pride is our rallying call for LGBTQ+ events, especially Pride parades and festivals, to go plastic free as a step toward a greener pride for all. We work with event organizers, participants, attendees, and municipalities to advance toward zero waste and carbon neutral LGBTQ+ events in hopes of making our community a beacon for change society-wide.


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