Here at OUT for Sustainability, we are emerging from a year of introspection. We will have updated our mission, and we will be making some changes to our programming. Along the way, you may notice some changes to our website. We thank you for your patience during this process!

Mission: OUT for Sustainability provides a platform for co-creating climate resilience and environmental justice by and for LGBTQIA+  communities. We do this through advocacy, training, fundraising, and relationship-building.

Our identity is rooted in building safe and secure spaces to be whole in who we are. We do this through the relationships built in our Regions program.

Our society is built on just and equitable behaviors that drive our values. We do this through content and connection in our Fab Planet program.

Our environment is sustained through collective effort and mutual respect. We do this through our Greener Pride program.

Fab Planet builds actionable content both face to face at our annual Fab Planet Summit, and through other publishing and multimedia content. This lives through our various digital channels including:

Fab Planet Summit is our national conference to intersect and discuss the unique role of the LGBTQ+ community in social and environmental justice and sustainability. It is a space for thinkers and doers to gather, discuss, and strategize how to build a more just and equitable environment. Fab Planet was most recently held in 2016, and we hope to host another summit soon!


Greener Pride engages our LGBTQ+ community to advance more sustainable practices in our events, businesses, and other community building centers. And it is to showcase the need to be adaptive and resilient in climate and natural disasters.

#Qready is our climate and natural disaster preparedness guide specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. We are promoting readiness for periods of challenge and chaos to be safe as individuals, and to help LGBTQ+ community centers be more disaster ready, and straight-focused community centers be more culturally competent to meet our community’s unique needs.


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