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OUT for Sustainability mobilizes the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) for social and environmental action.



OUT4S connects identity and values to build a diverse community of individuals and organizations united by a shared commitment to advancing social and environmental sustainability.


OUT4S works with you to increase the leverage of positive impact we make in our local neighborhoods and global LGBTQ community through direct action that makes a real difference.


OUT4S highlights the brilliant minds of sustainability today to new audiences, sharing ideas that can change the world with future innovators and leaders in the LGBTQ and Ally community.


OUT4S advocates for the next evolution of both the sustainability movement and the LGBTQ community to value social and environmental justice while celebrating identity.

Earth Gay celebrates Earth Day, the gay way. Every year we plan and facilitate service projects in Seattle and around the country to show off how the LGBTQ community cares for our planet.

Greener Pride Source engages LGBTQ Pride event stakeholders to coordinate their adoption and celebration of environmentally and socially sustainable practices.

Coming Out Local is our way of showcasing how a thriving sustainable local economy fosters their community to celebrate diversity.

Sustainability and Society Series (SaSS) features bright minds discussing practical action on the biggest topics of our time, whether in a social, a small salon, a large symposium, or a monumental summit.

Partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals in our local and global community are a fundamental part of OUT4S, leveraging their good work already happening to a new level.

Whether it’s the new gay agenda or theory on the fundamentals of sustainability, OUT4S shares ideas that provoke you to laugh and get serious about action that makes a real difference.


Values and Value Creation

Starbucks and so many others are connecting their value of diversity to their corporate identity, a big indicator of the future our small businesses predicted.

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Preservation of LGBTQ Places

Dive into the idea of “Preservation of LGBTQ Places,” a Salon from the Sustainability and Society Series (SaSS).

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Housing Overview

Home is where the heart is, and hopefully most get to actually find shelter there too. How much space we need, and where, and what type, and with who, and for how long is a lifelong journey.

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Gender Overview

Gender expression is so much NOT the binary construct we think of it as. “boy” and “girl” are more than the organs we’re born with, it’s a tapestry of characteristics that let us be uniquely true to ourselves.

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