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Welcome OUT for Sustainability’s newest Board Member, Danny Luong!

I’m Danny Luong, and I am beyond excited to have joined the OUT4S board. I discovered these mighty fine people through a series of podcasts recorded at their 2014 Fab Planet Summit. These recordings really opened my eyes to the power of community. Particularly, the inherent capacity within the LGBTQ community to imagine change and advocate for it. Because of this, I wanted to help further their mission to create a stronger environmental consciousness in the LGBTQ public.

Currently, I am studying Environmental Science with a concentration in biology at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Powered by a deep appreciation for the planet and all of its inhabitants, I strive to understand the relationship between the two. What always fascinated me most about our biology was how much it was influenced by the environment we live in. Some research I now work on involves identifying genetic variation between ribbon worms from regions around Antartica.

In addition to OUT4S, I also serve on the board of Seattle Frontrunners, a gay and lesbian running and walking club in Seattle. As my third year on the board, I was elected Vice President to also help steer the organization in a direction that was more inclusive to all people of varying identities and athletic ability. When I’m not writing emails or nose-deep in a textbook, some other interests include marathons, graphic design, vegetarianism, and reading.

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