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noun \ˌōr-ē-ən-ˈtā-shən\

1 a : the act or process of orienting or of being oriented

1 b : the state of being oriented

2 : a usually general or lasting direction of thought, inclination, or interest—see sexual orientation

3 : change of position by organs, organelles, or organisms in response to external stimulus

4 : awareness of the existing situation with reference to time, place, and identity of persons <psychological orientation>


Sexuality isn’t just sexual position, it’s attraction and love and being true to the spectrum of human experience we are honored to have access to. Let’s not forget it either. Whatever your orientation, it likely doesn’t fit perfectly into the gay vs straight buckets we so often seem to insist on. It’s explored through childhood no matter who you want to kiss, and really that search for what we look for in a partner never ends. With intention and timing, we can be so lucky as to find a soul mate… whether for a glance or a lifetime. Oh, and gay marriage isn’t the only issue facing the gay community. But you probably knew that.


Coming soon.

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