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Human Rights and Sustainability, A Queer Coupling

Lovely look at the intersection of sustainability and queer identity from the Q Sustainability club at Presidio Graduate School. Here’s an excerpt:

“So what’s sustainability have to do with sexual orientation and gender identity equality?

For one thing, same-sex couples share many resources.  My partner and I wear the same size clothing and shoes.  We share our drawers.  We share skincare products. We share a lot.   We stretch resources further than opposite sex couples.  One study even finds that we’re happier, on average, than our opposite sex counterparts.  We’re more politically active and would even like to donate our time and money to green causes.  Unfortunately, we donate all of our time and money (even when we can’t afford it) to trying to protect ourselves from discrimination.

But that’s not why it’s important.  Try asking this question: what does sustainability have to do with human rights?  When you frame the question that way, it’s a no brainer isn’t it?  That’s cause it is.  Really.  GLBT people are just that: people.  Equal rights for sexual orientation and gender identity minorities ARE human rights issues.”

Click here to read the full article.

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