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1 a : shelter, lodging

1 b : dwellings provided for people

2 a : a niche for a sculpture

2 b : the space taken out of a structural member (as a timber) to admit the insertion of part of another

3 : something that covers or protects: as

a : a case or enclosure (as for a mechanical part or an instrument)
b : a casing (as an enclosed bearing) in which a shaft revolves
c : a support (as a frame) for mechanical parts


Home is where the heart is, and hopefully most get to actually find shelter there too. How much space we need, and where, and what type, and with who, and for how long is a lifelong journey. Many are fortunate from a young age to find their home to be a comforting place, a place to retreat to when the larger world is bigger than we can handle. Many more, particularly but not only LGBTQ youth, find home to be anything but stable as they worry about whether being honest would get them kicked out.

As we grow up, many of our youthful issues fade as we redefine home on our own terms. We get apartments, buy condos, travel through hostels, build houses, and otherwise seek to define our sense of security and identity by where we sleep and store our stuff. Housing trends have changed from white picket fences to lofty warehouses and everything in between, but it seems our instincts remain the same. These instincts look something like the balance between finding shelter and strutting our social standing. Hopefully trends with lighter environmental impact become the new indefinite trend?


Coming soon.

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