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Green2.0Green 2.0 is an initiative dedicated to increasing racial diversity across mainstream environmental NGOs, foundations and government agencies. The Green 2.0 working group advocates for data transparency, accountability and increased resources to ensure that these organizations increase their diversity.

The most influential environmental NGOs and their funders will commit to and implement measures to scale up diversity, especially at the senior executive and board levels.

Green 2.0 leaders are motivated by both:

  • A desire for a more diverse environmental movement with less discrimination on its merits.
  • A movement that integrates equity into the work.
  • The belief that these changes will better position organizations to win environmental battles and produce fairer environmental outcomes for those most impacted (people of color).

This effort is the result of a year of painstaking effort and is here to stay. Green 2.0 will push for increased accountability and work to ensure more diverse candidates are considered and represented at the highest levels in the mainstream environmental movement.

Green 2.0 will be a sustained drumbeat to move the environmental movement toward increased opportunities for people of color and a climate where talented people of color can thrive.

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Fab Planet Summit 2016

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