Gay Games: the power of LGBT pride in driving sustainability

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Intriguing write up in the Guardian on the role of sustainability in the Gay Games, featuring interviews with key leaders in queer sustainability including our own Gerod Rody. Here is an excerpt:

“The 2014 Gay Games, taking place this week in Ohio, are working hard to represent this core value of environmental sustainability among the LGBTQ community. Expected to host between 20,000 to 30,000 participants and spectators, the games have a sustainability plan (pdf) that includes everything from water refill stations and bike-sharing, to the greening of internal operations. So what is it that makes the LGBTQ crowd so environmentally friendly in the first place?

There are various theories about why someone’s LGBTQ sexual identity can be linked to greater environmental values. One is that fighting marginalisation and having progressive viewpoints means LGBTQ members come in contact with other fringe movements, such as environmental causes.

“Coming out and claiming your identity is revolutionary for each of us,” says Gerod Rody, the founder of OUT for Sustainability, which mobilises the LGBTQ community for social and environmental action. “With this [coming out] comes great responsibility because our eyes are opened to what is possible in the world around us.”

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