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cover_issue_2202_en_USThe Editorial Collective of UnderCurrents is proud to share its recently published Volume 19––”From Queer/Nature to Queer Ecologies: Celebrating 20 Years of Scholarship and Creativity”––with OUT For Sustainability! We think your members and followers will find much inspiration in this issue. As Amanda Di Battista, Oded Haas, and Darren Patrick write in the opening editorial: “In ‘From Queer/Nature to Queer Ecologies’ we see a celebration of the strengths of queer ecologies’ affirmatively perverse and polyvocal imagination. At the same time, we note the important work yet to be done in further weaving those strengths together with work that not only queerly resists precise definition, but does so while staying firmly fixed on the goal of justice both in our immediate communities and in a wider world.”

Volume 19 was inspired by the 20th Anniversary of the publication of UnderCurrents Volume 6––”Queer/Nature”––and includes new and exciting work from activists, artists, and scholars in Canada, The United States, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Covering topics as varied as 2-QTPOC media and organizing, lichen biology, vampire literature, and the ecological politics of Israeli settlement and apartheid conditions in Palestine, the scholarly contributions witness the flourishing complexity of queer ecological scholarship today. The artistic contributions push our imaginations further through poetry, photography, and mixed media work addressing themes of urban and rural landscapes, human-animal relations, and layered histories of settler colonialism, industrialization, and gentrification.

Volume 19 also features a remarkably rich roundtable discussion Catriona SandilandsGordon Brent Ingram, and Peter Hobbs, who reflect on their own contributions to Volume 6 and the growth and change in queer ecological scholarship over the last two decades. The roundtable will soon be released as a podcast in collaboration with CoHearence.

Stay tuned for details about the UnderCurrents Volume 19 launch party in Toronto!

About the author:

Darren Patrick is an activist and scholar based in Toronto and Bologna. Darren is a PhD Candidate at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies (Toronto) and a member of the transfeministqueer Laboratorio Smaschieramenti (Bologna). Darren was the Academic Reviews Editor for UnderCurrents 19 and co-producer of the Queer Ecologies Roundtable podcast with CoHearence.

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