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noun \ˈe-nər-jē\

1 a : dynamic quality <narrative energy>

1 b : the capacity of acting or being active <intellectual energy>

1 c : a usually positive spiritual force <the energy flowing through all people>

2 : vigorous exertion of power : effort <investing time and energy>

3 : a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work

4 : usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power


From fire to nuclear, we love to make things light up. Whether it’s reading light or emergency generators, living on or off the grid, we acknowledge the need for energy. Just ask, is it the right kind of energy for the task and will it last forever? For instance, you could probably charge your cell phone with the energy from a warm bathtub, but it might not be the best energy for the task. Similarly, electricity is remarkable with keeping this computer going, but may not be ideal for keeping you warm.


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