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Hello! My name is J. M. Bacon and I am a graduate student at the University of Oregon conducting research about gender and sexuality diversity in environmental activism.

While the rainbow flag is now an internationally recognized symbol, the color symbolism of the flag is less well-known. Gilbert Baker created the first rainbow flag in 1978 with a green stripe to symbolize nature as a core element of “gay pride”. Considering the popularity of environmentalism during the 1970’s, it makes sense that nature was included in Baker’s design, but how has nature persisted as a core value in LGBTQ+ pride? What motivates LGBTQ+ people to engage in environmentalism? How do environmental organizations treat LGBTQ+ people? What particular insights and concerns do LGBTQ+ environmentalists have?

This study hopes to answer some of these critically important and underexamined questions.

If you are over 18 and participate in any kind of environmentalism (activism, work, research, daily practice) please take this survey and share it with your friends. “

For more information please email me at or visit Thank you for your interest!

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