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Saving Sea Turtles: Preventing Extinction


Sea turtles have been on this planet for over one hundred million years. It has only been in the 21st century that all sea turtle species are now endangered. This film focuses on Cape Cod’s 2014 record-breaking mass sea turtle stranding crisis and exposes the plight of the world’s most critically endangered sea turtle, the Kemp’s Ridley.


The first films I made about 10 years ago were documentaries about the LGBTQ community.  My identity and orientation helped shape my values and world view to be inclusive of everyone and to stand up against injustice on many levels.  When we started our company 4 years ago, we wanted to focus on life saving values.  The LGBTQ community have been incredibly supportive of our endeavors.  We have worked with PFLAG and the GSBA.  We will also be creating a PSA for the Tibetan trans community.  
– Jenny Ting, Filmmaker


We’ve been applying for grants to complete this film. While we’ve been scoring in the top 20%, it has not been enough to receive money. The “decision makers” also don’t think the extinction of our sea turtles is a worthy enough cause or even a unique story. We believe people need to know about the actions being made to prevent a species from going extinct, and this film focuses on these extraordinary efforts. The sharing of this story can make a significant impact on the fate of the Kemp’s Ridley and quite possibly all other sea turtles.

We have spent our time, energy and own funds to bring the film to this stage. We now need funds to pay others to complete the post-production process. We have assembled an Emmy-Award winning team to take it to the next level. Funds will go towards animations, graphics, illustrations, titling, narration, film score, original song, sound sweetening and re-recording mix, Spanish transcriptions and translations, and English transcriptions.

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