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At Earth Gay we announced our commitment to bringing positive changes into our community. We are very excited about working on Lake Union. The lake is a physical center of our city and represents connection between neighborhoods and communities as well as a connection between urban environment and nature. We intend to send in a petition to the Mayor to request more support for the Cheshiahud Loop in August and would love to meet and discuss our plans with you so that the Mayor’s office has a chance for early involvement.

OUT for Sustainability urban hikers assembled recently for an exploration of the trail as it should be, on foot! It was a beautiful day starting from Center for Wooden Boats at the the restored south end of the lake. Featuring mass transit and a park with a pond for kids with sailboats, the loop has shows great promise. Walking the 6 mile loop clockwise, the group of eight spotted a pedestrian bridge, separation of biking and pedestrian, and some lovely nature scenes from tiny (but underdeveloped) pocket parks along the trail.

Coming across our Earth Gay 2012 site, where the design for the street end improvement is still underway and expected to open Sept. 2012, the group did some tending where 300 volunteers restored habitat last April. From there some of the trail is on an unsafe old railroad trestle up to a staircase to the Fremont bridge in sad need of color. It’s an eyesore that should be a showpiece, and one example of broken stretches of the loop. Wanting a little rest, our team stopped at the Nickerson Street Saloon before crossing the bridge. After a refreshment, the trail follows some lovely stretches of the Burke Gilman bike trail. Unfortunately, here pedestrians sometime have to make their own trail around Northlake and Gasworks Park.

One fun discovery was some wisdom along the way in the form of chalk quotes including “To Remain ignorant of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.” – Cicero and “Racism is on its deathbed – the question is, how costly will racists make the funeral?” – MLK

Even before the Burke leaves off at the University Bridge, we asked ourselves several times “can you spot the trail here?” Some overgrown blackberries provided urban foraging to ease that concern, and a stop at Agua Verde for more refreshments was delightful. Crossing the bridge, well… there’s not exactly a trail there. From Mallard Cove in Eastlake it’s even a detour from the lake’s edge, though in the sunny weather, it felt a little like a Mediterranean village. Most of Eastlake is really devoid of any real trail, including our Earth Gay 2011 site near Newton Street. It’s a challenge, but still both a public safety and access issue.

Getting get to South Lake Union, lavender lines the trail in the final stretch back to the Center for Wooden Boats, a fantastic example of what the whole lake could be. We just need to show the lake some love.

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