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OUT for Sustainability has a new vision, mission, org structure, and more news courtesy of the winter OUT4S Board Retreat. Our five current board members at the retreat included an engaged idealist, good natured realist, harmony idealist and two independent thinkers (courtesy of ipersonic.com). We came away with from that two night stay in a cottage by the sea with a streamlined and focused identity – and greater potential for impact.

These are a few selections from our notes:

  • Why a GAY org for enviro? The LGBTQ community does not accept the status quo and keep hope for the future we want and need. Critical to our existence is to have the environment, survival …skin in the game, more than most groups. Activism is in our community DNA. People are searching for it. LGBTQ community is one of the most generous out there, even Jello shots.  

  • Mobilize thing, the LGBTQ community gets people together to create change, because they now see they’re capable of change.

  • Confronting the idea that problems are sad. The rhetoric around gay is oppression, enviro is sacrifice… the sadness is put on by the mainstream, corporations, etc. How do we be action-oriented? solution focused? sustainable community makes people happy! serious problems and joy within that. goal is a happy world on many levels. Happy to be gay too!

Including our newest board member Brendan (flying in from San Francisco, we’re going national!), we rotated leadership for six sessions such as opportunities/barriers, audience/partners, and organizational structure/operations. Each leader spoke to and from different learning styles, mixed in plenty of snacks and the occasional glass of wine, and stretching on walks along the beach to mix up the dialog. We come away proud of the outcome – concise and direct language with an org structure to match our new clarity of focus. Without further ado, here are the results:



  • A Fabulous Planet


  • Mobilizing the LGBTQ community for environmental and social action


  • Mobilizing a greener LGBTQ community


  • OUT for Sustainability strives to foster an inclusive environment where everyone engages in making a more fabulous planet.



    • Focused on events – Earth Gay local, sass socials, Greener Pride local participation, partner events

    • Focused on metrics for Greener Pride national, digital media, Earth Gay national, policy, conferences and summits



    • Focused on relationships, fundraising, volunteer management

    • Focused on operations, finance, compliance, capacity building

Our goal with everything is Board less, Committee more to capture the creativity and determination of our volunteers past, present and future. I ask you to join us on one of these committees, or on the board, or even attending an event to start – discover how you can create social and environmental action so we can all enjoy a fabulous planet.

Gerod Rody
Founder and Board President
OUT for Sustainability

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