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Thank you to all our dedicated supporters and volunteers who joined OUT4S last night in a special thank you event and sneak preview of the new OUT for Sustainability logo and website, just launching today! Check out more pictures on Facebook.

We’re thrilled with the logo, designed in collaboration with the highly skilled Levi Hastings, which speaks to the theory of sustainability we’ve developed at OUT4S over the past several years. Each hexagon of the logo represents an area of sustainability: identity, society, and environment. Within each there are six sub-areas we think constitute what those elements of sustainability mean in daily life. For more information, check out the LEARN section of the site.

Speaking of the new site, we’re so excited to share it with you! While all the content was written in less than two weeks, the structure and purpose were developed with a great team last summer and just waited for the right pieces to align. Please be sure to check out our PARTNERS page highlighting many of the relationships that have made OUT4S so vibrant.

Have a great day!

Gerod Rody
OUT4S Board President

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