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OUT4S is proud to support Intersolar North America this July 11th-14th in San Francisco. As a board member and renewable energy expert, I see the solar industry far from oversaturated, but instead poised to expand as a field, with many opportunities as the US transitions to a 100% renewable grid. Though we get closer to that goal each day, it’s up to all stakeholders to engage our industries, governments and activism for just, available clean energy. As our electricity system gets greener, policy becomes smarter and buildings more efficient, solar is of course a great pathway for our idea of a sustainable future. We would like to see renewables showcasing opportunities for lgbtq people, so of you work in the industry, let us know! Intersectionality is a big part of our vision, so this is a good first step at engaging the industry to represent a more diverse workforce and opportunities for all people to access clean energy. Intersolar would like to offer the OUT4S community free passes to the exhibitor show so sign up for our newsletter to get the codes.

See you there!:

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