Our environment, our community.

OUT4S believes that the LGBTQ community can be a leader in sustainability. Since Pride is the biggest moment of the year for the international LGBTQ community, this is the place and now is the time to see it showcase the best in our community, especially our environmental responsibility.

Greener Pride works with LGBTQ events including Pride parade and festival organizers, participants and attendees to move toward our goal of a carbon neutral, zero waste Pride across the globe.

Starting in Seattle, we’ve worked with Pride stakeholders about small steps toward the larger goal. Moving on, we plan to create a best practices took-kit including examples and resources on how to make Pride in your town greener! The “er” in Greener refers to our belief that this is a continual process, where we can improve year after year, just like our work for equality in civil rights, we can work together to achieve ever better environmental impact.