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Seattle PrideFest had amazing weather in the mid-70’s and, for the first time, an OUT for Sustainability booth! Our 12 volunteers engaged with hundreds of people, both new friends and consistent supporters, and had them vote with rainbow stars on their favorite idea for a Green(er) Pride! It was a way to have happy people think hard, but easily, on how we as a community can be more green at Pride (and hopefully how they can be more green at home!). Below are the results.

529 Votes for a Greener Pride:

Recycling and Compost at Every Trash Bin: 74 votes
Local and Organic Food and Drink: 73 votes
Water Refill Stations: 65 votes
All Compostable Service Ware: 48 votes
Lower Emissions in the Parade: 48 votes
No Plastic Handouts: 46 votes
More Transit Info and Access: 41 votes
Improved Bike Parking: 14 votes

Zero Waste By:
Now: 21 votes
2012: 14 votes
2013: 7 votes
2014: 2 votes
2015: 9 votes
2016: 2 votes
2017: 2 votes

Carbon Neutral By:
Now: 12 votes
2012: 11 votes
2013: 8 votes
2014: 4 votes
2015: 11 votes
2017: 6 votes

Pea Patch: 8 votes
Ban Feathers and Beads: 3 votes

In addition to all these great votes, we had 76 brand new newsletter sign-ups! Wahoo! Thanks to everyone and let us know how we can support engaging your community in making a Greener Pride!

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