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Madeline StanoFab Planet Summit speaker: Madeline Stano

A Metro-Detroit native, Madeline first became passionate about environmental justice while witnessing water shutoffs in the Detroit area. She received her Bachelors in Sociology from the University of Michigan Honors College and her JD from the George Washington University Law School.

Madeline joined CRPE in 2012 as the inaugural Luke Cole Memorial Fellow. Currently she leads CRPE’s Civil Rights campaign and Central Valley anti-fracking work. Her litigation focus areas include Title VI, climate change, and the intersection of environmental and racial justice.

She serves on the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change, Californians Against Fracking Steering Committee and the Bay Area Rapid Transit Title VI and Environmental Justice Advisory Committee. She also writes an environmental justice blog on her work entitled, “Our People, Our Communities, Our Environment.” She is admitted to practice law in California, is published in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law with a piece on the Native Village of Kivalina entitled Fighting for Home in the Melting and has appeared as a fracking legal expert on Al Jazeera America numerous times.

In her leisure time, Madeline enjoys riding her bike, playing outside, cooking and eating beans of all kinds.

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