OUT for Sustainability’s Fab Planet Summit is the foremost LGBTQ space to explore the intersection of environment, society and identity.

Part expert panels, part forum, this biennial gathering provides space for leading LGBTQ thinkers on sustainability issues to explore the nexus of values and identity, and strategize on how to achieve “A Fabulous Planet.” Fab Planet is more than a conference. It’s a place to gather, discuss and create change.

September 13th, 2014

Seattle, Washington

Dr. Seth HolmesUC Berkeley School of Public Health


Loren OthonSeattle Office for Civil Rights

Alex Carr Johnson, U.S. National Parks Service

Gerod Rody (Moderator), OUT for Sustainability, Pinchot University

What is LGBTQ sustainability and what are we doing at this Summit?  Open your mind and the day with a panel of forward thinkers exploring the possibilities of this intersection, the role of LGBTQ individuals, communities and future directions.

Queer and Present Danger

Rachael Stamm, Close to Home

Heron GreenesmithMovement Advancement Project

Susan MillanCommunity planning consultant

When action to prevent climate change slows, we are faced with an uncertain future. The LGBTQ community has a history of responding to disaster, but also faces a future of uncertain challenges.  Prepared communities, response, vulnerability and resilience are just a few important themes explored in a discussion of a Queer and Present Danger.

Coming Out Green

Darby HooverNatural Resource Defense Council

Rick Sakow, Environmental Protection Agency Region 9

Laura CliseAREVA

Brendan Cook (Moderator), OUT for Sustainability, Center for Resource Solutions

Sustainability professionals discuss their work, field experiences and thoughts on the future of LGBTQ perspectives in an increasingly accessible world as we all start to Come Out Green.

Communicating Sustainability

Jared PowellCasey Trees, Washington DC

Nick Colin, Heal the Bay

Are LGBTQ people more green? Communications experts facilitate a conversation on language, tactics for mobilizing people and unique opportunities in LGBTQ messaging for Communicating Sustainability.

Community Building

Tatiana TileyThe Pachamama Alliance

Zachary PullinSEIU Healthcare NW

How do we create a thriving, aware LGBTQ community? Sustainability and community organizing experts share their experience and host a discussion on community building in a variety of environments.

Create a Green Team

Melanie CoerverCoerver Analytics

Learn how to start a diverse, sustainable team at your company or organization.  Find out that many of these leaders are LGBTQ and that environmental initiatives and social inclusion work extremely well together.

“When we ‘come out’ for the local community and economy, we build a more inclusive and sustainability world for us all.”

Gerod Rody
Coming Out Local 2012

220 & Change
Pioneer Square in Seattle, WA
220 Second Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104

220 & Change is a beautiful, historic building – but it is so much more.

It is a living switchboard for the common good. A dynamic business center and a place where spontaneous connections can happen anywhere – at an event, around the lunch table or passing on the staircase. It’s a place where changemakers, entrepreneurs, savvy optimists and practical dreamers get great stuff done – right in the middle of thriving and diverse Pioneer Square!