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energy-povertyEnergy Equality Series

Energy Equality is the system of energy costs, systems, and power sources that prevent a variety of people and communities from obtaining clean, functional electricity. This situation creates different scenarios, blocking people out of affordable renewable energy options, reliable electricity or in many cases, energy bills compromise an undue economic burden on those in or near poverty.

In the first few months of 2017, OUT4S will invite our network of experts to take a closer look at the public policies, power dynamics, community networks, and more to understand energy access issues and how it impacts our society and queer community. This series will look at examples in different countries, particularly in North America and Europe, understanding the variation of access communities face around the world.

As an LGBTQ organization, we look at the intersectional nuances of how environmental and social justice issues, like energy equality, impact our queer community uniquely. Some posts will cover these connects in-depth, while others may look at these issues on a wider scale. In this, I’m reminded that when we leave others out, we all lose. Whether the issue is income inequalities, transgender employment protections, or LGBTQ youth bullying, we must defend the rights of all to achieve a truly fabulous planet.

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