OUT for Sustainability supports Earth Gay service projects in regions around the country, all through the year. These service projects engage those with lots of deep green experience, and the green curious just starting out. We work with local organizations to host the events and to share through the community.

Here is a guide of generally how it works to host an Earth Gay. Consider planting one in your community and join the national movement!

Step 1: Plant the seed

Getting started can be daunting, but it’s really manageable if we keep in mind most Earth Gay service projects are about 15-30 people strong. To get started:

  1. Contact OUT for Sustainability to see if there’s anyone in your area that you can join, or who can support you, in planning.
  2. Identify a solid organization that can host the Earth Gay. This could be your local parks department, a local food bank or community garden, or anyone who could use a hand (and has the tools and insurance to ensure a safe and successful Earth Gay).
  3. Identify LGBTQ+ organizations in your area that can help share the word about the Earth Gay. They are often very excited to be partners of the event and really support it!

Step 2: Firm up the plan

Once you have a project in place, it’s time to spread the word and plan logistics!

  1. Set a date about 2 months out, usually on a weekend morning. This ensures you have time to help promote the event to all those who might be excited to join.
  2. Confirm with OUT for Sustainability the date, time, host, and partners so we can put together the registration, website links, and all the good promotional stuff.
  3. Help get the word out through partners and other groups, stay in touch with the hosts to make sure they are all set up, and enjoy the lead up!
  4. Get snacks, water, and coffee donated from a local business if possible. OUT for Sustainability does have some limited funds to help though if you don’t get it donated.

Step 3: Enjoy the day

Showing up is half the work, and the rest of it is ensuring everyone has a great and safe experience investing in the local community.

  1. Before you head over, double check that you have the list of attendees and waiver forms from OUT for Sustainability.
  2. Get the snacks, water (try to avoid single use plastic), and coffee you’ve hopefully gotten donated from a local business.
  3. Get everyone registered, welcomed, and in contact with the host representatives who need to show everyone what to do, and what not to do, to have a successful day!
  4. Report back with photos and a quick blog post on how it went. We love to share the great day you’ve just had!

Excited!? Contact earthgay@out4s.org to get started planting the seed in your community.