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“I have been an active activist and advocate for the LGBT Community for over 30 years now devoting time to LGBT issues from AIDS, housing and job equality and most recently, marriage equality. Volunteering for OUT for Sustainability was a very different experience as we gathered not for LGBT rights, but for the rights and care of Mother Nature. We were all happily surprised to find community volunteers come to join and work together with us. The park volunteers praised OUT for Sustainability for being the largest community group that as come out to help restore the Cheasty Greenbelt area.

We were out and proud and directly interacting with community volunteers, sharing the hard work, laughter and snacks. Is there a better way for the community to get to know LGBT people? Maybe not. Especially now with National Marriage Equality we need to be a part of the community as a whole as I feel, this is the best way to have an integrated community and to dispel any false ideas about what it means to be LGBT.”

Linda, Volunteer at Earth Gay Seattle 2015

Linda’s story: As a psychiatric nurse in training back in 1968 I met my first known gay boys,  patients in the hospital waiting to be “cured.” They were my age. We had the best times together and because of them and how “normal” they were I researched this “mental illness.” Wow! that was so long ago. For the past 30+ years I have been an advocate for the LGBTQ Community because the stigma of it was just not fair or just.  In addition to our own children we took in foster teens, some of who were lesbian and transgendered. I have volunteered for Lambert House (our LGBTQ) teen drop-in center, was part of the Reiki/AIDS project, led a group for those with HIV/AIDS (back when so many were dying), started and led a spiritual group (mainly for those devastated by religion). I’ve been a meeting leader for PFLAG, a Safe Schools member,  and for the past 8 years have been a board member of Seattle Frontrunners, a LGBTQ running and walking group. My husband (I refused to call him that until we ALL could have a husband) of 44 years and I have been big supporters of marriage equality and are thrilled that everyone can now marry! I adore my garden and recently became a 99% vegan after being a vegetarian for over three years. I love our planet earth and love traveling to all parts of her and this is why Out for Sustainability speaks to me. LGBTQ and Mother Earth friendly – a winning combination!

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