Contribute for a Fabulous Planet

OUT4S is an all volunteer organization leveraging the energy and creativity of our volunteers to make a difference in the world. You can join in and help make a difference by sharing your time, skill, and money with us. We keep a very low overhead to make sure each dollar we spend is wisely invested to bring out the best programming we can muster!

Donate at our OpenCollective Account:

OUT for Sustainability
1122 E Pike St #1015
Seattle, WA 98122

OUT for Sustainability is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

EIN: 27-1233060

Donations to OUT4S go toward:
  • Completing the Fire & Flood Documentary Project and launching a new suite of offerings in the Qready Initiative
  • Gathering those in the LGBTQ community most actively creating change in our social and physical environment at the Fab Planet Summit, a conference focused on discussing and publishing leading edge ideas on intersectionality of identity and values.
  • Expanding the Earth Gay program to facilitate environmental service projects by leveraging existing organizations with new audiences, all as part of a national movement, to ensure ongoing and amplified impact for each hour volunteered.
  • Establishing a greater LGBTQ voice in sustainability issues in the digital and public sphere, of particular importance as issues of justice and equality are uniquely threatened by climate change.
  • Building Capacity – from an all volunteer-run organization to having staff and other systems necessary to expand the impact of existing programs and launch additional efforts including, but limited to:
    • Greener Pride consulting with LGBTQ organizations and events on how to reduce environmental impact, while also building an open source best practices resource center.
    • Publishing multimedia educational content, such as using LGBTQ icons and imagery to share practical ways to improve individual and collective sustainability practices.
    • Advocating for policy initiatives, especially related to disaster preparedness and relief such as cultural competency to protect vulnerable communities.