Relationships are Everything

With a friend, you can tackle any problem and reach new levels of impact. With a community of friends, nothing is impossible. Building friendships and connections in a community who shares your values is what we’re most about. Advocacy and education and service are all important, but they are built on the foundation of relationships.

We have been so honored by the incredible variety and sincerity of the friends we’ve made since we first started making friends in the fall of 2008 and the community stakeholder groups assembled. Since then we’ve had a few dozen events and met thousands of people, and we’re still growing. But the best times are still the conversations after an event, while weeding side-by-side, or on a volunteer planning committee. So we hope you’ll get in touch, that you’ll volunteer, that you’ll attend an event and through those get to know the people in the OUT4S community. We’re making a difference and having a great time doing it.

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OUT for Sustainability
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OUT for Sustainability is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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