Inclusion from the Bay to the beach

OUT for Sustainability California is one of our most vibrant centers, reflecting the rich heritage and energy of San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and other parts of the state. Whether joining a ‘salon’ in Golden Gate Park or hosting an Earth Gay, the Golden State is a leader in defining the next level of inclusive action for all.

To get involved, contact, or submit your interest in volunteering in California or throughout the organization.

Current Activity

Join the conversation on our California Region Slack Channel.

This is a new forum for OUT for Sustainability, intended to foster idea sharing and connections across the organization. Any activity must adhere to our value of respect for all identities, including diversity of ability, age, class, gender, orientation, and race/ethnicity.

First Monday conversations will be starting up in November!

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California Region Co-Chairs

  • Stephanie Castillo
      Stephanie CastilloCalifornia Region Co-Chair

      Joined 2019

      Azusa, California

      Pronouns: She/Her

      I’m Stephanie Castillo, and I live in the city of Azusa in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. I’m a 60s culture/fashion enthusiast and an eager vegan who is passionate about advocacy, environmental justice, and sustainability. This field of work is very integral to my values because of its focus on environmental work and intersectionality. I admire that this organization works on a national level because it reflects its commitment to its mission across the nation. Above all, I am very excited to be a part of such an inspiring, driven culture that fuses together my interests.