Board of Directors

OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) Board of Directors members determine and support the strategic direction of the organization, including maintaining its functional and financial stability.
Board Members ensure the organization stays true to its mission and vision by reflecting a variety of skills, perspectives and experiences to strengthen the organization through diversity of thought, identity, and background.
  • Lindi von Mutius
    Lindi von MutiusBoard Member

    Joined 2017

    Oakland, California

    Pronouns: She/Her

    I’m Lindi von Mutius, and I’m on the OUT4S Board because I believe it’s important to bring diversity of all kinds to the environmental movement. I fell in love with OUT4S’s mission to make the planet more fabulous, highlighting intersectionality.

    Throughout my adult life, I’ve cared passionately about how we can use environmental solutions to reduce poverty, and to lift up communities that have been marginalized or ignored by lawmakers, polluters, and the environmental movement.

    I was born in Essen, Germany and my family moved to the US 25 years ago. The first time I remember being scared of pollution was when the Chernobyl plant exploded, and by the time I was finishing high school – and an internship in Senator John Kerry’s office – I knew that environmental work would always be a passion of mine. I’ve worked on some amazing projects including waste management in Cairo, great ape conservation in central Africa, rescuing baby sea turtles in Barbados, and harbor clean-ups in Baltimore.

    As Chief of Staff of the Sierra Club, I work on the day-to-day project management of the senior management team, and am an active voice for staff on organizational changes and strategic decisions. Prior to joining the Sierra Club, I worked at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), as the Director of Government and Legal Affairs at the Representative of German Industry and Trade, and as a corporate, environmental, and bankruptcy litigation attorney. I’m a Vermont Law, Harvard, Williams, and Phillips Exeter grad. That is also the descending order of toughness for the school mascots: fighting swans, a color, purple cows, and a griffin.

    My interests include hiking, skiing, biking, painting, dancing, and making sure my orchids are happy.

  • Sophia Paul
    Sophia PaulBoard Secretary

    Joined 2019

    Akron, Ohio

    Pronouns: She/Her

    I’m Sophia Paul, a lifelong midwesterner, currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I work at the University of Michigan researching diversity in environmental organizations and planning a conference for students and young professionals committed to diversity and inclusion in the environmental field. I believe strongly in the importance of diversity and equity to the environmental movement, and I’m particularly interested in creating spaces for people who have been historically underrepresented in conservation movement. Consequentially, I am incredibly excited to be a part of Out for Sustainability, working with my community for a more just and sustainable planet.

    I have experience in consensus decision making, collaborative natural resource management, food justice, volunteer coordination, and community gardening. In my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, reading, spending time with my cat, and occasionally working out.

  • Victoria (Vicki) Carberry
    Victoria (Vicki) CarberryBoard Member

    Joined 2019

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Pronouns: She/Her

    I’m Vicki Carberry, and I’m so excited to be part of the OUT4S board and larger community! I was first connected to the organization through the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Senior Fellowes network and felt immediately drawn to the organization’s approach to sustainability, placing great weight on working from an intersectional framework and being a lead voice for the LGBTQ+ community in the environmental movement.

    Over the last 8+ years, I’ve worked as an educator and facilitator in a variety of formal and non-formal educational settings. Most of my work has been at the nexus of education, environmental advocacy, and strengths-based youth leadership. I believe by using the power of creative facilitation, dialogue, and brave spaces we can create a more just and empathetic planet. I also feel that this work is necessary as we work together to dismantle institutionalized oppression and create equitable solutions to address climate change both locally and globally.

    In my moments of free time, I enjoy being in and building community with friends and family, paddling with an outrigger canoe club, connecting with nature, reading, and looking at cute baby animal photos.

If you’re interested in joining the board, please click here to apply.

Cultivators, Fellowship, and Co-chairs

  • Stephanie Castillo
    Stephanie CastilloPacific Coast Region Cultivator

    Joined 2019

    Azusa, California

    Pronouns: She/Her

    I’m Stephanie Castillo, and I live in the city of Azusa in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. I’m a 60s culture/fashion enthusiast and an eager vegan who is passionate about advocacy, environmental justice, and sustainability. This field of work is very integral to my values because of its focus on environmental work and intersectionality. I admire that this organization works on a national level because it reflects its commitment to its mission across the nation. Above all, I am very excited to be a part of such an inspiring, driven culture that fuses together my interests.

  • Joe Toolan
    Joe ToolanCentral Atlantic Region Cultivator

    Joined 2019

    Annapolis, Maryland

    Pronouns: He/Him

    My name is Joe Toolan and I am an adoptee from Guatemala; I grew up in Pasadena, Maryland. While I have never met my birth family, I consider myself to be a Guatemalan American. I joined the staff of the Chesapeake Bay Trust (Trust) in January 2019. My work with the Trust focuses on increasing stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay through K-12 Environmental Education, Community Engagement, and Restoration work. I manage a community tree planting grant program and co-lead the Chesapeake Conservation Corps. I received a Bachelor of Science from The University of Maryland, College Park in Geographical Sciences with a concentration in Environment Systems and Natural Resource Management. In my free time, I love to write, sing music (off-key), play with my four-legged friend Scarlett, and spend time out on the water. I am proud of the intersectionality of my identities as a queer person of color in the environmental community, and I am highly motivated and inspired by efforts to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within the environmental movement, in particular efforts to mitigate climate change.

  • Vanessa Raditz, MPH
    Vanessa Raditz, MPHQready Project Director

    2022 Qready Project Director

    2019 Fellowship Researcher

    Athens, Georgia

    Pronouns: They/Them

    I am Vanessa Raditz, an environmental health researcher, youth educator, and culture-shifter dedicated to community healing, opening access to land and resources, and fostering a thriving local economy based on human and ecological resilience. I’m working with OUT for Sustainability as part of my Geography Ph.D. program at the University of Georgia.

    Prior to my current research, I earned a Master of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences from UC Berkeley. In addition, I was a founding member of the Queer Ecojustice Project, educating and organizing at the intersection of ecological justice and queer liberation. In 2018, I co-organized the Queers4ClimateJustice contingent to the RISE March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice and continue to engage communities through the Instagram #Queers4ClimateJustice.

    I’m also the director of the “Fire & Flood Film”, a documentary about queer resilience to climate change rooted in my lived experience of the 2017 fires in Northern California.

Emeritus Board Members

  • Alister Fenix
      Alister FenixBoard Member Emeritus


      Alister Fenix joined OUT for Sustainability as an energetic contributor, bringing expertise in communications and additional focus to Portland, Oregon and the Trans’ community. He helped plan and hold the inaugural Fab Planet Summit, gave insight into important steps in our strategy and supported national expansion.

    • Ariyah April
        Ariyah AprilBoard Member Emeritus


        Ariyah April first met OUT4S at GreenFest Seattle in 2009! Over the next 2 years she served as Vice President and Treasurer. She wrote over a dozen articles, sewed napkins, led strategic planning, organized events and advocated for every greater definition of diversity (like not staying only in Seattle).

      • Bart Reynolds
          Bart ReynoldsBoard Member Emeritus


          Bart Reynolds was one of our early sponsors as the then owner of Poco Wine Room. He came to the organization with a passion for the environment and community systems. He brought quiet wisdom and an easy smile, helping the organization reach its 501(c)3 status and simpler practicalities like a proper PO Box and improved financial systems.

        • Brendan Cook
            Brendan CookBoard Member Emeritus


            We adore Brenden, partly because his laugh is still sparkling in our ears, and partly because of his incredible wisdom and soul. He gave this organization a long run, from leading planning for Fab Planet in Seattle and San Francisco to reorganizing our entire file system (it’s beautifully intuitive). Brenden is in many ways a shepherd of relationships, bringing people together with light from a bright heart, and learning from a deep mind.

          • Chris Kitchen
              Chris KitchenBoard Member Emeritus


              Chris Kitchen joined the OUT for Sustainability board with deep environmental experience and passion. He brought this wisdom and his calm enthusiasm to support strategic decisions, particularly around the newly adopted national strategy.

            • Cory-James Clouse
                Cory-James ClouseBoard Member Emeritus


                Cory James Clouse was one of our first volunteers, tabling at GreenFest in 2009. Since then he served as Treasurer, Secretary and founded the Finance Committee. He wrote our initial bylaws, incorporated us as a registered Charity and worked extensively to ensure our organizational sustainability.

              • Cynthia Buhr
                  Cynthia BuhrBoard Member Emeritus


                  Cynthia Buhr was more than just the first lawyer on the OUT4S board. She brought an ability to see the implications of any decision, getting into the gritty details of strategy and logistics. Her expertise in organizational development resulted in board insurance, revised and realistic bylaws, and a stronger application for our nonprofit status.

                • Danny Luong
                  Danny LuongBoard Member Emeritus


                  Danny gives life wherever he goes based on relentless optimism and joy. This spirit carried the organization through challenges, ensured we stayed true to our potential, and kept others, such as the Earth Gay organizers across the country, also excited to volunteer their time and passion toward a Fabulous Planet.

                • Elan Keehn
                    Elan KeehnBoard Member Emeritus


                    Elan Keehn was one of the early OUT4S board members, discovering the organization quickly after moving back to Seattle and quickly making an impact. She nurtured the team of board members and volunteers, actively involved with Earth Gay, Coming Out Local, and many other projects. She advocated for youth involvement leading to more all-ages events and targeted outreach.

                  • Gerod Rody
                    Gerod RodyBoard President

                    Joined (Founder) 2008

                    New York, New York

                    Pronouns: He/Him

                    I’m Gerod Rody, the organization’s founder and Board President. I initially started this nonprofit to meet great people (and maybe get a date). Since then, OUT for Sustainability has evolved into the spark of a movement that crosses all sorts of lines to connect the queers and the greens in ways no one thought possible. We are helping redefine the oft-narrowly used term sustainability into something that mobilizes action in pursuit of our vision of a Fabulous Planet.

                    During the day I’m in an innovation strategist passionate about connecting future-driven vision with pragmatically optimistic action. With time at ?What If!, Valtech, and other leading agencies, I accelerate innovation strategies, develop new categories, and bring disruptive ideas to life in a range of industries.

                    I love thoughtfully sourced food, craft cocktails, dance parties in random places, interactive art, witty and deep conversational walks, smart movies that aren’t devastating, pondering interior design, and traveling places with excellent food and brilliant people.

                  • Jennifer Frey
                      Jennifer FreyBoard Member Emeritus


                      Jennifer Frey was one of those special volunteers you knew would fundamentally change and unabashedly support the organization with all her insight, energy and enthusiasm. She was just that as a board member, instrumental in launching Earth Gay in new markets while leading the charge for Earth Gay in Seattle. She amped the volume on education and advocacy, while holding our mission and vision center to our strategy to reposition national expansion. We couldn’t have gotten this far without her.

                    • Jeremy Hebert
                      Jeremy HebertBoard Member

                      Joined 2019

                      New York, New York

                      Pronouns: He/Him

                      I’m Jeremy Hebert, a proud Brooklynite with rural roots from northern Maryland. The LGBTQ community – no stranger to reimagining society and tackling emergencies – has an important role to play in protecting the environment. That’s why I’m excited to serve on the OUT4S Board, where I can help galvanize my community to become even more active stewards of our fabulous planet.

                      I started my career as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching English and swim lessons (long story!) in a refugee school in Azerbaijan. I also partnered with community leaders to develop new teaching methods and combat corruption. Since that formative experience, I’ve traveled the world working in administration and development at international policy organizations and graduated from NYU with a Master’s in Public Administration.

                      The crisis of climate change and its disastrous effects on the world’s most vulnerable populations led me to the Natural Resources Defense Council, where I currently work to advance fundraising partnerships as a Major Gifts Officer.

                      When I’m not stressing about our warming planet, I enjoy swimming competitively on a U.S. Masters team (go Bearcats!), learning foreign languages, re-watching the same series on Netflix, and nerding out over fantasy novels.

                    • John Carroll
                        John CarrollBoard Member Emeritus


                        John started out as the project manager of Coming Out Local, the first big event we’d ever done. His wry humor and can-do attitude took our ambition into reality. The improvements made from that event brought OUT4S to another level of excellence and his background and skill enhanced the board with the ability to scale and refine our mission and execution.

                      • Jonathon Meeks
                        Jonathon MeeksEmeritus Board Member

                        Joined 2019

                        Boaz, Alabama

                        Pronouns: He/Him

                        Hi, I’m Jonathon Meeks. I joined the OUT for Sustainability board because of the bridge it creates between two essential parts of my identity as a queer person and an environmentalist. I’ve been an activist with the Sierra Club and held various leadership positions for several years, and I hope to be a bridge between those two worlds.

                        I’m from North Alabama, where I grow pastured poultry on my great-great grandparent’s farm. I also work remotely supporting content and relationship management systems as well as managing social media accounts.

                        When I’m not working or building movements I enjoy and hiking and kayaking on trails and rivers all over the Southeast or spending time outdoors at the farm gardening and hanging out with my miniature donkeys.

                      • Joseph (Joey) Kim
                          Joseph (Joey) KimBoard Member Emeritus


                          Joey came on with gratitude in his blood and a meaningful smile to tackle big opportunities at OUT4S. In addition to being a voice for corporate responsibility, he was our technology guru, getting us started on the path to our own CRM.

                        • Judi Brown
                            Judi BrownBoard Member Emeritus


                            Judi and Gerod’s first video chat confirmed that joy is in the journey. What we mean by that is she is no stranger to overcoming challenges, and that the radiance of her spirit is very grounded and real because of it. She went on quite a journey with this organization, whether stepping up as Vice President, or spearheading the creation of new committees, each with a Charter to serve as a moral compass.

                          • Julian O’Reilly
                              Julian O’ReillyCo-founder, Board Member Emeritus


                              Julian O’Reilley is a key reason OUT for Sustainability ever came into being. Her roles ranged from co-founder with Gerod, planning events and making connections, to engaged board member advocating for ever higher standards of practice and alignment with our mission. Julian served on the board (the one she helped create) for our first five years and helped launch every major program in those first few years.

                            • Kym Foley
                              Kym FoleyBoard Treasurer

                              Joined 2019

                              Seattle, Washington

                              Pronouns: She/Her

                              I’m Kym Foley, a self-proclaimed nature nerd who has spent the last 10+ years working to improve the health of our natural environment while supporting strong, resilient communities. I got involved with OUT for Sustainability after helping lead two fantastic OUT4S-sponsored Earth Gay events in Seattle. Getting your hands dirty restoring the ecosystems that sustain us is especially rewarding when surrounded by fearlessly fabulous queer community.

                              With an emphasis on climate action and sustainability, I recently entered the University of Washington Master of Urban Planning program seeking further opportunities to work at the intersection of ecosystem health, environmental justice, and urban design. Prior to this shift I was a senior project manager with a Seattle-based organization where I collaborated with government, non-profit, tribal, and community groups to develop a variety of ecological restoration projects. Working with community volunteers and young adult trainees from around the world gave me a passion for inspiring the next generation of diverse environmental leaders. I’ve taught backcountry trail construction to crews working in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska, where I once chased a bear away from my lunch with a chainsaw. I’m a Senior Fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and, more recently, have served on several community-based, grassroots grantmaking committees.

                              As time allows, I’m typically found wandering pacific northwest mountains and forests looking at plants and birds, exploring Seattle’s music scene, and trying to avoid errant social media while still engaging in social activism. I love chocolate, the color orange, and hanging out around campfires with chosen family. I couldn’t be more excited to bring value to, and learn from, the OUT for Sustainability community.

                            • Matt Landers
                                Matt LandersBoard Member Emeritus


                                Matt Landers began volunteering with OUT4S on our ambitious Greener Pride global best practices resource project. His insight into policy, his determination to do things well, his cheerful attitude and sharp wit all proved wonderfully valuable on the board during our greatest period of growth yet, both in organizational development and programming.

                              • Melanie Coerver
                                  Melanie CoerverBoard Member Emeritus


                                  Melanie Coerver is a tireless champion of new ideas and big adventures. She led the growth of Earth Gay from 100 folks to 175, to 300 to multiple cities and left off with the vision of Earth Gay as another way to show pride around the globe as an ongoing program. Her big smile and boundless enthusiasm made the organization stronger, expanded our volunteer base and invigorated the board with delicious meals at her beautiful home.

                                • Ryan Hawkes
                                    Ryan HawkesBoard Member Emeritus


                                    Ryan Hawkes came to OUT4S through the Coming Out Local dinner as a key volunteer in 2010. He brought us new level of due diligence asking “why” for every new idea, serving as board secretary, and bridging our big vision with practical steps to get there. Ryan’s advocacy for diversity, process, and team development made OUT4S stronger, as did his successful management of Greener Pride in 2013.

                                  • Ryan Hicks
                                    Ryan HicksBoard Member Emeritus


                                    As board treasurer, Ryan retooled our financial processes to make them more intuitive and useful, while keeping us on track with forms, mail and the other details necessary in a well-run organization. Never afraid to ask “why,” Ryan thoughtfully challenged new ideas in order to make them stronger, keeping our capacity central without loosing sight of our potential.

                                  • Scott Lansing
                                      Scott LansingBoard Member Emeritus


                                      Scott Lansing moved to Seattle, googled “green gays,” found OUT4S and started volunteering. After helping with every single thing we did for months, it was only natural that he apply to the board. He has served as Secretary, helped organize events like Earth Gay 2010 and advocated for the highest integrity in every action we undertake.

                                    • Shehreen Johnson
                                        Shehreen JohnsonBoard Member Emeritus


                                        Shehreen is powerful and direct, thoughtful and easy to laugh. She served in many roles at OUT4S, notably treasurer where she helped guide us to greater financial stability through meaningfully aligned fundraising. With her passionate heart and intuitive mind, we went farther than ever toward a Fabulous Planet. It should be noted as well that her partner Sonia was a joy, serving as locally sourcing chef and wise sage on board retreats.

                                      • Tamara Zakim
                                          Tamara ZakimBoard Member Emeritus


                                          Tamara came to us as a speaker at the Fab Planet Summit in 2016. There and on the board she proved how substantive actions speak volumes. With her legal expertise as a defender of justice, she helped us refine bylaws and ensure good process in all we do.