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Our OUT for Sustainability Board met for a two-day retreat last month and emerged with some exciting new ideas, as well as a higher level of cohesion between our passionate board members. Here are a few highlights:

Our core mission is ever being refined, with several shared themes emerging

  • OUT4S provides a model of strengthening the integrity of the community you’re in and the world around you
  • OUT4S creates a community network of LGBTQ folks working for change
  • OUT4S guides the LGBTQ community into an active leadership role in defining and building a sustainability world
  • OUT4S aggregates individual action for community change

OUT4S is now managed in 8 different committees, 1 one which is shared by the whole board, and the other 7 with a single point person with support from at least one other board member, and volunteers from our community! Very exciting, more to come on this next month after working plans are approved.

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