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Come Out for Sustainability!

A call for board members for Fall 2019

Join the OUT for Sustainability Board of Directors to achieve a more fabulous planet.

We are looking for LGBTQ+ folks with gumption, passion, and ingenuity to join the board of OUT for Sustainability. We are a nationally focused, internationally known, volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) organization with a vision of a Fabulous Planet. Since 2008, we have engaged 4,000+ individuals and 150+ partners in our 100+ events, and thousands more through campaigns and publications. Our work is transitioning from strictly community-based events to include a direct focus on advocacy-based education, and we want bright minds and hearts to steer the organization toward movement-level impact. Core values rooted inequity and social justice drive our philosophy on sustainability, and we recognize that our greatest possible impact lies at the intersection of identity, society, and the environment.

The Board of Directors is looking to grow by up to two more members with an anticipated start date of Monday, September 16th, 2019, or sooner depending on availability sync. We welcome applicants from across the country (currently our team is based in Washington, California, Michigan, and New York). Regular board meetings occur remotely via video conference call with other meetings as needed. To build strategy and tactics for the coming year, and build bonds among the board, all members are expected to attend the upcoming Board Retreat, October 11th-13th in Oakland, California. 

We do not have a strict set of member qualifications, but do expect dedication to our vision and values, and a commitment of 2+ years. We encourage applicants representing the diverse range of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences, including transgender/gender non-binary and communities of color to apply.

For any questions, please contact our Board President, Gerod via

Organizational Priorities:
  • Dig into our core purpose for a realigned mission statement
  • Host Fab Planet Summit in April 2020
  • Organize and launch advocacy campaigns like Plastic Free Pride
  • Draw in our community to activate new and existing volunteers
  • Values — align what you care about with who you are
  • Career — enhance your professional and leadership development
  • Impact — create meaningful change for positive momentum
  • Strategy — set a clear and achievable direction
  • Stewardship — oversee the operational obligations
  • Sustaining — ensure a strong financial position

Closed for Fall

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