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Members of the OUT for Sustainability Board come from many backgrounds and we love the mix of perspectives and passions. Our meetings are productive, but never at the expense of enjoying the process and each other. This organization is unique, blending two movements (gay and green), and our board is a reflection of that.

While the board is great team, we’re also fostering strong committees where the real action of OUT for Sustainability happens. Committee volunteers get to dive into project work without having to support the activity of the whole nonprofit. It’s so rewarding to see the results of your project first hand, nothing really like it.

Some love the board role, staying connected to each part of the organization by taking responsibility for the strategic direction and stability of OUT4S. Others love particular programs, like Earth Gay or Greener Pride, and want to make a real difference for them. The beauty of our work is that the potential grows with the energy supporting it. Our vision of a thriving human and natural ecosystem for all is big and full of possibility.

All that to say, we’re looking to add up to three members to the board, to bring it carefully closer to our target maximum of 10. And we are actively looking for volunteers interested in ongoing commitments to lead within our programs and take OUT4S to the next level.

For interest in the board or committee roles, please contact Board President Gerod Rody at If you are interested in the board, please fill out this board member application and send it to Gerod by August 28th. Thank you and have a fabulous day.

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