OUT for Sustainability is an all-volunteer organization, and so we appreciate the work of our volunteers who lead the efforts below. From the first Earth Gay in 2009 till the present day, we’re proud to have engaged 1,000’s of participants in our work because of the 100’s of volunteers who have been involved.

Volunteering in our local communities engages the Green Curious and Deep Green alike, so Earth Gay is our program to do that in safe spaces where we can support all to flourish. We work with local community organizations to host and share the events that happen all through the year.

OUT for Sustainability delves into rich educational content with our intersectionality focused Fab Planet Summit, and Salons on topics like Sustainable Sex Toys, Queer Sustainable Food Systems, Gayborhood Sustainability.

Fully sustainable LGBTQ+ events is our goal, carbon and waste free, but we see it as a process of continually becoming greener. So we consult with Pride organizers, contingents, and other large LGBTQ+ event planners to strategically do less harm.