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Dear OUT4S Community,

OUT for Sustainability’s winter of 2015 board retreat, themed Moving Forward Fabulously, worked toward our goal to create “a stronger organization, a more functional nonprofit, prioritized programming areas for 2015, and a clear direction for future growth.”

IMG_9694Held in a cabin on the Washington State coast at Seabrook, within earshot of the crashing waves of the Pacific, our seven board members in attendance bonded over a weekend of meals, informal chats on the beach or by the fire, and strategy sessions on programming, management and growth led, in rotation, by each board member.

A few outcomes:

  • The organization will continue to focus on facilitating local action for Earth Gay and Greener Pride service work across the country. We’re now working through key volunteers who lead planning groups in Seattle, Tacoma, Phoenix, Vermont, San Francisco, and other emerging cities and regions. This scalable approach affords opportunities for more people than ever to impact their local communities as part of a national movement.
  • A plan to develop the Fab Planet Summit, the only conference on LGBTQ sustainability, into a repeat national, or possibly international, event. We are looking to host the next gathering of great minds in the Spring of 2016, date and city TBD.
  • A commitment to creating and sharing excellent content in collaboration with partners and strong voices among our volunteers, touching on the issues we believe in to increasingly serve the whole of our incredibly diverse community.
  • Strong committees will lead our programming and manage the organization, including publishing an annual meeting calendar for volunteers and continue the momentum of our growing movement.
  • We envision a bold and well-supported future, with appropriate systems and robust resources for growth, including the development of a supporter model membership plan and strategic partner program.

Our committees now have co-leads and board champions who will engage with volunteers and manage their area(s) with consistency and results. OUT4S is looking for committee members, great content (articles, stories, etc) for us to share, organizers to join or start a local action group in your city or region, and volunteers to attend and help broadcast our work. We both want and need amazing volunteers to join our committees!

2015 Committees and their Chairs:

  • Serve: Local service and community action
    Co-leads: Jennifer, Caity
  • Advocate: National education and advocacy
    Leads: Chris, Brendan
  • Manage: Organizational finance and operations
    Leads: Ryan, Brendan
  • Advance: Fundraising, partners and relationships
    Co-leads: Judi, Jennifer
  • Communications: Digital media and public relations
    Co-leads: Gerod, Caity

If you have any questions or ideas, I hope you’ll get in touch. We’re growing into this new role as a national organization and with your help we will accomplish great things together in our goal of a Fabulous Planet.


Gerod Rody
Board President, Founder
OUT for Sustainability

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