OUT for Sustainability is celebrating 10 years of love

We’ve been a registered charity for 10 years as of September 30th, 2019! We look back on what 10 years have accomplished fulfilling on our mission of mobilizing the LGBTQ+ community for environmental and social action. And we look forward to what we’re doing to achieve our vision of a Fabulous Planet!

“OUT for Sustainability is proof that – as a united community, rather than as disconnected individuals – we can measurably shape our world for the better.”

Ariyah April
Emeritus Board Member
Pronouns: She/Her
Durham, North Carolina

Highlights of the past 10 Years of Love

Cultivating “Earth Gay” community
  • Engaged over 4,500 LGBTQ+ and allied folks
  • Over 120 events in nine states
  • Established current regions (Pacific Northwest, California, Great Lakes, and Northeast)
  • Build relationships to expand into another three regions in the US and Europe in the coming months
Intersectional “Fab Planet” advocacy
  • Written and recorded hundreds of pieces of content
  • Convened the leading edge thinkers at larger dinners and summits
  • Built a voice through our website, social, and other media outlets
  • Becoming a thought leader for a burgeoning movement of research
Impact “Greener Pride” strategies
  • Advanced impactful greener pride strategies with pride organizers, contingents, and attendees
  • Actively researching climate resilience for the LGBTQ+ community


Celebrate 10 Years of Love with us by contributing to our efforts to achieve a Fabulous Planet. Send us a check, submit your secure online contribution below, or contact board president Gerod Rody at gerod@out4s.org to coordinate your support.

OUT for Sustainability
1122 E Pike St #1015
Seattle, WA 98122


OUT for Sustainability is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

EIN: 27-1233060


“I came to OUT4S when I was new to Seattle and looking for community. I had already decided that I wanted to live on Capitol Hill specifically because it was the Gayborhood (why I was so interested in the social event OUT4S put on with GSBA a few years later at the Bullitt Center), though I was living in south Seattle at the time and still looking for full-time employment. Through my volunteer work at GSBA I came to learn about Earth Gay and signed up right away.

It was a lot of fun joining up with a wider community to make a space better for everyone, and when I joined organizers at Lobby Bar to celebrate afterward, I developed some strong friendships and a deeper connection to OUT4S as an organization. It wasn’t long before I was invited to join the Board! OUT4S offered me a way to volunteer within my community beyond what my daily job was. I got to learn more about my neighbors, make new friends, and improve the city in some small ways. I still feel a sense of attachment to the various places that I volunteered at EarthGay, from the waterfront pocket park under the Aurora Bridge to the bigger Chesiahud Loop.

On a more personal level, serving on the Board was my first Board experience and was important – and sometimes tough – because of the level of thinking and collaboration that job necessitates. I learned how to look at not just other points of view, but other ways of thinking that drive how people act and feel, which has been an incredibly vital piece of learning that I keep with me always. In my final Board retreat I felt that I had really run out my usefulness in that position as we had just made some great breakthroughs in setting a new, more national direction for the organization.

I left feeling accomplished and proud, and I am even more so seeing the progress that everyone has continued in the Board generations that have come since. I am so thankful for the experiences I had with OUT4S, and always love hearing about what everyone is up to!”

Matt Landers
Emeritus Board Member
Pronouns: He/Him
Seattle, Washington