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Last weekend I had the joy of joining four Out For Sustainability friends in a weekend of trail restoration and camping at Mount Rainier National Park. It was perfect! ┬áMy interest in sustainability was born when I was a kid; exploring parks and wandering outside appreciating nature’s splendor – who wouldn’t want to preserve that? So getting back to my roots in that way was fulfilling. I believe that constructing great trails helps plant the seeds for others to become environmental stewards too.

In addition to my own dedication to providing access to great outdoor spaces, camping and trail work are fundamentally social experiences, and getting to hang out with LGBT folks for a weekend also warmed my heart. A few other people from Washington Trails Association (thank you to WTA too!), LGBT and otherwise, joined us as well. The day was full of laughter, fun, and meaningful conversation, like a dinner party but outside and while playing with dirt.

This trip was also meaningful for me as I’ve embarked on a personal mission to bring freedom, adventure, and possibility to my own life without owning a car, and to work with and inspire others to do the same. This past weekend, the stars aligned perfectly as my friend had a car borrowed for the weekend, and wanted to go camping anyway. If you get a little creative and call in a few favors, getting out of town for the weekend to the fresh air of the mountains is totally possible, and by carpooling and sharing resources we were able to travel with a lighter footprint.

We had such a good time that we’ve already started talking about when our next trip will be! I hope even more Out For Sustainability folks will be out on the trails with us next time.

– Becky Edmonds, OUT for Sustainability Volunteer

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