Schedule and Sessions at Fab Planet Summit 2016

Friday, June 3rd

7:00-9:00pm: Reception

Hosted by Imgur at their headquarters, 415 Jackson Street, Suite 300.

Saturday, June 4th

9:30am: Registration and introductions, coffee provided by Starbucks Pride Alliance
10:00am: Welcome!
10:15am: Panel
Out in Ecology: A New Identity

Panelists: Kim Anno, Nicole Seymour

From the conception of the rainbow flag, environmentalism has played a role in our to LGBTQ communities and identities. As we learn from our collective flag’s green streak, how will it inform our current identities? Are we developing a new way to be EcoQueer or Green Queens? Will Earth Gays have their own spot in the parade? How is a new identity shaped? Learn about the many ways where LGBTQ and ecology are intersecting and presenting us with new ways to be.

11:15am: Panel
Climate Justice in the age of Q

PanelistsWill Scott, Tamara Zakim, Kay Cuajunco

With visible success as an LGBTQ movement, how do we tackle what’s next: a just environment for all. As global weirding accelerates, where does climate learn from equality movements and where can we take it farther?

12:15pm: Picnic lunch in Dolores Park (or the Women’s Building), provided by Bi-Rite
1:30pm: Panel or Workshop
LGBTQ in Green Inc

PanelistsRenee Rivera, Bill Worthen, Lindi von Mutius

As Green Inc grows in power, influence and reach, where does our LGBTQ identity shine? Can we take this movement farther by showing up with our whole selves at our NGO’s, corporate sustainability teams and purpose-driven companies? Explore how diversity makes for better work and what LGBTQ people bring to that discussion.

A Fabulous Future

FacilitatorMadeline Stano, Shehreen Johnson

Dive headfirst into the far flung future to imagine what comes next in 20, 50, 100 years. How do we adapt and thrive in a world with no apparent precedent, where technology and ecology meet, clash and perhaps even complement to rediscover balance?

3:00pm: Panel or Workshop
Diversity 2.0

Panelists: Rob AvruchWhitney Tome

What does diversity look like and how can it help our organizations, companies and movements? Learn from Green 2.0 and their impactful work as they map and expanding the conversation on including intersectional voices in the environmental movement.  Gain insight and resources on how to increase racial, ethnic, LGBTQ and other types of diversity in your work and communities.

My impact movement lab

FacilitatorJohn Galloway

Reshape your personal sustainability with this alternative structured experience, a chance to minimize words and unlock truths through movement and interactions using all senses.

4:15pm: Keynote
From Fire Island to Fab Planet: An LGBTQ Environmental History

SpeakerNancy Unger

Place has played a crucial role throughout  the centuries’ long history of LGBTQ people in America.   Prize-winning author and professor Nancy C. Unger provides an illustrated introduction to the LGTBQ people who used a variety of environments to create opportunities to meet, establish safe havens, forge community, and, ultimately, to provide a fresh approach to environmental leadership. Celebrate a long, colorful, and inspiring past!

5:00pm: Closing remarks
5:15-7:00pm: Reception

 Sunday, June 5th

Optional, self guided group activity options

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