Mission: Coming Out Local showcases how a thriving local economy fosters a local community that celebrates diversity.

Focused on the LGBTQ community and its straight allies, Coming Out Local is an annual dinner, discussion and auction for all who care about sustainability. The event features distinguished guests and remarkable local food with local wine and beer, alongside wares and services from local businesses to bid on. It is a celebration of the best in our local community and we look forward to celebrating with you.

History Highlights


2012: Senator Ed Murray, Washington State Senator

2011: Louise Chernin, CEO and President of the GSBA

2010: Kurt Timmermeister, Owner of Kurtwood Farms, and Author of Growing a Farmer


2012: Jill Bamburg, Co-found of Bainbridge Graduate Institute

2011: Sally Clark, Seattle City Councilmember

2010: Ethan Schaffer, Co-founder of Grow Food

2009: David Lee, Founder of Field Roast


2012: Skillet Catering, with Chef Zephyr Paquette, Chef Joe Randazzo, and various local chefs for the dessert dash

2011: Head Chef Zephyr Paquette, with Chef Sarah Wong, Chef Delwyn Brooks and Chef Joe Randazzo

2011: Head Chef Zephyr Paquette, with Chef Delwyn Brooks

2009: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

Partner and Sponsor Highlights

2012: Pride Foundation, Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company, Naches Heights Vineyard, and many more

2011: Grow Food (Partner), Poco Wine Room, Tahoma Farms, Alm Hill, and many more

2010: Grow Food (Partner), Pride Foundation, Poco Wine Room, Tahoma Farms, and many more

2011: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, Tahoma Farms, and Field Roast