Board of Directors
  • Gerod Rody
    Gerod RodyBoard President

    Joined (Founder) 2008

    New York, NY

    I’m Gerod Rody, who thought up and co-founded OUT4S, and now serve as Board President. I’m often the face of the organization, in addition to performing data entry and anything else that needs doing. During the day I work in Brand Strategy in New York City. In my past I served as Director of Marketing at Pinchot University, where I also graduated (from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot) with an MBA in Sustainable Business in 2009.

    I maintain a healthy obsession with all things Swedish and am interested in great food, creativity, swimming, running and adventure. I started up OUT4S initially to meet great people (and maybe get a date). Since then, the people I’ve met have become my family. Over the past several years, OUT4S has evolved into the beginning of a movement that crosses all sorts of lines, threatening to connect the gays and the greens in ways no one thought possible and help redefine the oft-narrowly used term sustainability into something that sparks action toward our vision of a Fabulous Planet.

  • Judi Brown
    Judi BrownVice President

    Joined 2014

    San Francisco, California

    I’m Judi Brown and, as a self-proclaimed champion for social sustainability, I feel very much aligned with the OUT4S vision of a Fabulous Planet. I’m a social impact strategist based in San Francisco, where I earned a Master’s degree in Sustainable Public Administration and Policy at Presidio Graduate School in 2013. My primary fields of expertise are in impact investing, corporate philanthropy and sustainable international development, mostly working at the intersections of climate change, women’s empowerment and financial inclusion. I am currently in the process of starting my own consultancy.

    Along with my professional background in nonprofit management and strategic planning, I spent several years engaged in grassroots political and community organizing in and around various LGBTQ communities. While at Presidio, I was Co-Chair of the Q-Sustainability club, which worked to educate our fellow classmates around the intersections of these movements while providing space and visibility for LGBTQ students. As such, I feel fortunate to be able to work with OUT4S on further articulating the inextricable nature of social, environmental and economic systems.

    An avid recreational and urban cyclist, I can most likely be found on a bicycle, seeking out new opportunities and connections. I have also recently taken up playing the ukulele and will happily take song requests as soon as I learn a few more chords.

  • Brendan Cook
    Brendan CookSecretary

    Joined 2013

    San Francisco, CA

    I’m Brendan Cook, OUT4S board member based in San Francisco, CA. I work at the Center for Resource Solutions, a renewable energy focused non-profit that focuses on market and policy solutions to our energy situation. My past work and education have taken me around the world where I had the life changing experience of living in Hungary and Sweden to receive my MSc in Environmental Policy Sciences and Management through the interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus program. My sustainability interests were influenced by growing up in the deserts of Arizona and has only expanded through hands on learning in permaculture, surrounding myself with sustainability enthusiasts, technical work and community organizing. I’m excited to be involved in queer and environmental community organizing in my current San Francisco Bay Area home (and beyond) where being a part of the LGBTQ community is important to my daily life, as is gardening!

  • Ryan Hicks
    Ryan HicksTreasurer

    Joined 2014

    Seattle, WA

    I’m Ryan Hicks, and I am enthusiastic to bring my background in non-profit development and LGBT community fundraising to OUT for Sustainability. I love the vision A Fabulous Planet set forth by this organization. It’s short, it’s elegant and makes a truly compelling message to our constituents. It says we’re more than a niche subset of the environmental activist community, our strength is in building a fabulous coalition of free thinking idealists and hard working pragmatists to advance an environmental and social justice agenda for others to emulate. It’s the reason I want to devote my time and energy to supporting this organization.

    Currently I serve as Board Treasurer for Out for Sustainability and work as Development Director for Three Dollar Bill Cinema, which produces the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival among other community film programs. Previously I worked in the sustainability sector as Business Sustainability Intern at REI and Sustainable Industry Analyst Intern for the State of Washington Office of Economic Development. I am also passionate about the arts having previously worked in fundraising for Northwest Folklife and Bumbershoot. I have an MBA from Seattle University and a B.A. from Reed College with a major in art history. I love to cook being a big supporter of the Capitol Hill Farmers Market. I’m an avid reader, collector of vintage paperbacks, music lover and general pop-culture aficianado.

  • Jennifer Frey
    Jennifer FreyBoard Member

    Joined 2013

    Shoreline, WA

    I’m Jennifer Frey, committed volunteer turned Board Member. After the 2011 Pride Parade, I searched for volunteer opportunities with LGBTQ environmental non-profits to help clean up after this yearly celebration and found OU4S. I started as a volunteer for the annual dinner and began planning the 2012 Earth Gay and Greener Pride events. Since then I have continued planning for the ever fun and sexy EarthGay, Greener Pride and OUT at the Beach events, while recently accepting a position on the Board. My roots in sustainability started at the age of two when I used my sandbox pail to collect the construction scraps from the home my family built and I graduated into pulling, straightening nails from salvaged lumber to the full range of construction tasks before I had a drivers license. In college I interned at a sustainable best management practice think tank for the residential building industry, where I helped develop designs that were presented to former Vice President Al Gore and a team from the EPA.

    I am most passionate about conserving natural resources through efficiency and closed loop recycling systems. During my day job, as the Sustainable Program Manager at Sellen Construction, I integrate sustainability into all best management practices. In my spare time I paint encaustics (pigmented beeswax), “hunt” birds and landscapes with my camera, and am involved on other advisory committees for disaster preparedness/response, climate change action, and environmental product foot-printing.

  • Danny Luong
    Danny LuongBoard Member

    Joined 2015

    Seattle, WA

    I’m Danny Luong, and I am beyond excited to have joined the OUT4S board. I discovered these mighty fine people through a series of podcasts recorded at their 2014 Fab Planet Summit. These recordings really opened my eyes to the power of community. Particularly, the inherent capacity within the LGBTQ community to imagine change and advocate for it. Because of this, I wanted to help further their mission to create a stronger environmental consciousness in the LGBTQ public.

    Currently, I am studying Environmental Science with a concentration in biology at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Powered by a deep appreciation for the planet and all of its inhabitants, I strive to understand the relationship between the two. What always fascinated me most about our biology was how much it was influenced by the environment we live in. Some research I now work on involves identifying genetic variation between ribbon worms from regions around Antartica.

    In addition to OUT4S, I also serve on the board of Seattle Frontrunners, a gay and lesbian running and walking club in Seattle. As my third year on the board, I was elected Vice President to also help steer the organization in a direction that was more inclusive to all people of varying identities and athletic ability. When I’m not writing emails or nose-deep in a textbook, some other interests include marathons, graphic design, vegetarianism, and reading.

  • Shehreen Johnson
    Shehreen JohnsonBoard Member

    Joined 2016

    Seattle, WA

    I’m Shehreen Johnson and I am very excited to be a part of this amazing board. I look forward to mobilizing our community in the pursuit of a Fab planet and I’m excited to learn more in the process. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to the States when I was four. I returned for a visit one summer and was immediately struck by the beauty and sadness- beauty of the people and surroundings, and sadness for the same. The wealth inequity was alarming and a shock to my eleven year old self. Up until that point, I assumed everyone had food and shelter. The experience taught me the significance of waste and instilled a strong sense of justice. Those principles guide me to this day by motivating me to do what I can to lessen my footprint, heal the planet and improve livelihoods.

    Serendipitously, I obtained a BSE in Industrial & Systems Design Engineering and years later, an MBA in Sustainable Business. My background and experience is mostly in the corporate sector doing strategic business planning and operations management. I believe in the power of business to drive positive social change. My personal passions are around economic empowerment & inclusion and sustainable livelihood development.

    I currently live in Seattle and when it’s not raining, you can find me on the lake paddle boarding, rowing or motoring a tiny boat.

Emeritus Board Members
  • Alister Fenix
      Alister FenixBoard Member Emeritus


      Alister Fenix joined OUT for Sustainability as an energetic contributor, bringing expertise in communications and additional focus to Portland, Oregon and the Trans’ community. He helped plan and hold the inaugural Fab Planet Summit, gave insight into important steps in our strategy and supported national expansion.

    • Ariyah April
        Ariyah AprilBoard Member Emeritus


        Ariyah April first met OUT4S at GreenFest Seattle in 2009! Over the next 2 years she served as Vice President and Treasurer. She wrote over a dozen articles, sewed napkins, led strategic planning, organized events and advocated for every greater definition of diversity (like not staying only in Seattle).

      • Bart Reynolds
          Bart ReynoldsBoard Member Emeritus


          Bart Reynolds was one of our early sponsors as the then owner of Poco Wine Room. He came to the organization with a passion for the environment and community systems. He brought quiet wisdom and an easy smile, helping the organization reach its 501(c)3 status and simpler practicalities like a proper PO Box and improved financial systems.

        • Chris Kitchen
            Chris KitchenBoard Member Emeritus


            Chris Kitchen joined the OUT for Sustainability board with deep environmental experience and passion. He brought this wisdom and his calm enthusiasm to support strategic decisions, particularly around the newly adopted national strategy.

          • Cory-James Clouse
              Cory-James ClouseBoard Member Emeritus


              Cory James Clouse was one of our first volunteers, tabling at GreenFest in 2009. Since then he served as Treasurer, Secretary and founded the Finance Committee. He wrote our initial bylaws, incorporated us as a registered Charity and worked extensively to ensure our organizational sustainability.

            • Cynthia Buhr
                Cynthia BuhrBoard Member Emeritus


                Cynthia Buhr was more than just the first lawyer on the OUT4S board. She brought an ability to see the implications of any decision, getting into the gritty details of strategy and logistics. Her expertise in organizational development resulted in board insurance, revised and realistic bylaws, and a stronger application for our nonprofit status.

              • Elan Keehn
                  Elan KeehnBoard Member Emeritus


                  Elan Keehn was one of the early OUT4S board members, discovering the organization quickly after moving back to Seattle and quickly making an impact. She nurtured the team of board members and volunteers, actively involved with Earth Gay, Coming Out Local, and many other projects. She advocated for youth involvement leading to more all-ages events and targeted outreach.

                • John Carroll
                    John CarrollBoard Member Emeritus


                    John started out as the project manager of Coming Out Local, the first big event we’d ever done. His wry humor and can-do attitude took our ambition into reality. The improvements made from that event brought OUT4S to another level of excellence and his background and skill enhanced the board with the ability to scale and refine our mission and execution.

                  • Julian O’Reilly
                      Julian O’ReillyCo-founder, Board Member Emeritus


                      Julian O’Reilley is a key reason OUT for Sustainability ever came into being. Her roles ranged from co-founder with Gerod, planning events and making connections, to engaged board member advocating for ever higher standards of practice and alignment with our mission. Julian served on the board (the one she helped create) for our first five years and helped launch every major program in those first few years.

                    • Matt Landers
                        Matt LandersBoard Member Emeritus


                        Matt Landers began volunteering with OUT4S on our ambitious Greener Pride global best practices resource project. His insight into policy, his determination to do things well, his cheerful attitude and sharp wit all proved wonderfully valuable on the board during our greatest period of growth yet, both in organizational development and programming.

                      • Melanie Coerver
                          Melanie CoerverBoard Member Emeritus


                          Melanie Coerver is a tireless champion of new ideas and big adventures. She led the growth of Earth Gay from 100 folks to 175, to 300 to multiple cities and left off with the vision of Earth Gay as another way to show pride around the globe as an ongoing program. Her big smile and boundless enthusiasm made the organization stronger, expanded our volunteer base and invigorated the board with delicious meals at her beautiful home.

                        • Ryan Hawkes
                            Ryan HawkesBoard Member Emeritus


                            Ryan Hawkes came to OUT4S through the Coming Out Local dinner as a key volunteer in 2010. He brought us new level of due diligence asking “why” for every new idea, serving as board secretary, and bridging our big vision with practical steps to get there. Ryan’s advocacy for diversity, process, and team development made OUT4S stronger, as did his successful management of Greener Pride in 2013.

                          • Scott Lansing
                              Scott LansingBoard Member Emeritus


                              Scott Lansing moved to Seattle, googled “green gays,” found OUT4S and started volunteering. After helping with every single thing we did for months, it was only natural that he apply to the board. He has served as Secretary, helped organize events like Earth Gay 2010 and advocated for the highest integrity in every action we undertake.