OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) is an all-volunteer run organization dedicated to mobilizing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community for social and environmental action. Partnering with a network of LGBTQ and environmental organizations, OUT4S is a voice for the next evolution of the LGBTQ community at the intersection of identity and values.

Intersectionality is key to our philosophy and perspective on sustainability, where the facets of who we are are viewed as an interconnected paradigm of identity, society and environment (Our logo is a reflection of this philosophy). OUT4S is headquartered in Seattle, with board members and activity throughout the United States, so far.


OUT4S launched in the fall of 2008, only after searching for any organization in the world already doing this work. As the need became more apparent and the lack of any group working in this space, I knew that someone had to step up. Through community engagement meetings with every available LGBTQ and sustainability stakeholder we could find, OUT4S was founded on the premise that LGBTQ identity and the sustainability values are absolutely interconnected and partnerships, action and fun must be the cornerstones of our work. As of 2015, OUT4S has hosted more than fifty events in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Vermont with exciting goals for the future.

Current Action

After growing organically for several years, OUT4S is focused on two main areas: service and advocacy. OUT4S is best known for Earth Gay, the volunteer program inspired by Earth Day and striving to be a globally available opportunity to express Pride in ourselves, our community and our neighborhoods through service work such as habitat restoration, park building and neighborhood cleanup. Other OUT4S programs include Greener Pride, our vision to support Pride celebrations around the world to achieve zero waste, carbon neutral parades and festivals, and Sustainability and Society Series including Socials in cities across the country and the Fab Planet Summit delving into the great results openly LGBTQ individuals are achieving in social and environmental sustainability.

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Vision: A Fabulous Planet.

Mission: Mobilizing the LGBTQ community for environmental and social action.

Diversity: OUT for Sustainability strives to foster an inclusive environment where everyone engages in making a more fabulous planet.   

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