Volunteer Role Descriptions

Board of Directors:

OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) Board members determine and support the strategic direction of the organization, including maintaining its functional and financial stability. Board members are charged to make certain that the organization stays true to its mission and vision. Board members are sought to reflect a variety of skills, perspectives and experiences to strengthen the organization through diversity.

Term and Time:

  • Two years, currently no term limits
  • Estimated 15 hours per month

Retreats and Meetings:

  • Two retreats per year (Fri-Sun)
  • Four calls per year (two hours)


  • @out4s.org email during your term
  • Respond to email within two days


  • Active member of one+ committee
  • Attend Fab Planet and local events

Committee Co-chair

OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) committee Co-chairs work together to manage the strategic direction, tactical activities and members of their committee, in adherence with their charter and direction provided by the board.

Committees include:

  • MANAGE: Operations/Finance
  • ADVANCE: Fundraising/Partnerships
  • COMMUNICATE: Outreach/Content
  • ADVOCATE: Education/Fab Planet
  • SERVE: Community action/Earth Gay

Term and Time:

  • One year, currently no term limits
  • Estimated 15 hours per month


  • Recruit, direct and cultivate committee members
  • Attend Fab Planet and local events

Committee Member

OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) committee members actively contribute to their committee in keeping with their charter and the direction of the committee co-chairs. Members both inform and execute on the strategy of their committee.

Term and Time:

  • Six months, currently no term limits
  • Estimated 5 hours per month

Regional Coordinator

OUT for Sustainability (OUT4S) Regional Coordinators lead and manage local action in their city, state or otherwise defined area. They are primarily charged with coordinating events in their community, such as Earth Gay and OUT4S salons. They determine the needs of their area, in coordination with the SERVE Committee, and ensure the OUT4S mission and brand is aligned with actions.

Term and Time:

  • One year, currently no term limits
  • Estimated 10 hours per month


  • Recruit, direct and cultivate planning team members
  • Coordinate and attend two or more (ideally quarterly) local events per year, such as an Earth Gay and a Salon.

“OUT for Sustainability has been a marvelous volunteer experience, devoid of cliques and cattiness that you might encounter in other queer groups. Board and Committee members open up their homes to host meetings forging strong connections where they share their food and their passion for OUT for Sustainability. I was inspired to become more involved, because you see the personal investment within this group and you can’t help but join in the fun and volunteer.
I feel my time is respected when OUT for Sustainability Committee’s meet. The team leaders are skilled facilitators who allow everyone’s ideas to be heard, politely discussed, and then help the group focus on an agreed course of action. The result of these meetings, is that everyone volunteers to take action and actually follows-through on time. This leadership spills over into each event’s management, making it a very pleasant experience for volunteers and the public. I can’t help but want to volunteer more for this group.”

– Jennifer Frey, LEED AP O+M
Consultant with Sellen Sustainability and OUT for Sustainability Board Member